Modern on Meadow Residence by Hufft Projects

Modern on Meadow Residence by Hufft Projects

Architects: Hufft Projects
Location: Leawood, Kansas
Year: 2013
Area: 4,070 sqft / 378 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mike Sinclair

“You can change everything about your home with the exception of the area,” the old proverb goes. The proprietors of Modern on Meadow adored everything about their Leawood neighborhood. It was the house that required evolving. The couple wanted spaces that were open, advanced and splendid, and their 1950s single-story farm home managed them none of these things. We set out to redesign it to fit their way of life. When it turned out to be clear right off the bat that the system they required wouldn’t fit inside the current foot shaped impression, the remodel turned into an expansion.


We cut away a second level for the kids’ rooms, a restroom and a common den. The new dormer was intended to be a cutting edge shape discreetly set in a customary neighborhood. The expansion permitted us to make an open and light-filled “extraordinary room” on the ground level, which consolidates kitchen, living and eating. Custom screens show up all through the house in a punctured example got from a picture of the customers’ most loved vineyard. Notwithstanding planning and dealing with the house’s development, we created the majority of the casework and various other custom wood and steel components. Cutting edge on Meadow was the first venture finished by our Build division, an energizing expansion to our administrations that gives us an improved line of correspondence amid development and guarantees quality at all times, the completed item.

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