Espace Panet Triplex in Montreal by Anne Sophie Goneau

Espace Panet Triplex in Montreal by Anne Sophie Goneau

Architects: Anne Sophie Goneau
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Year: 2015
Area: 1,035 ft²/ 96 m²
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

Outline of a space situated at the third floor of a triplex implicit 1910. The test was to gap every region so as to improve the space while regarding the structural uprightness of the current area, each room with characteristic light. The crude materials, found amid destruction, convey its alleviation and shading environment. Every piece has its visual limits that cover deliberately in the contiguous rooms, advancing the spatiality of the spot.


This idea is implemented by physical infringement by an expansion of the furniture or the material in bordering rooms. The glass dividers, by its straightforwardness, highlight the uncertainty of spatial limits. The evident wooden structure, which supplanted the bearing divider, denote the dissemination territory.


A white uniform spreads out on all surfaces of the restroom, letting express the changed composition of the materials. A ubiquitous common light from a huge pearly glass divider, compared with the bathtub, uncovers this unpretentious piece. After entering, four zones with partitioned capacities are conveyed. The three glass boards of the shower, alongside the epoxy sap floor, duplicate the reflected light.


The expansion of a full stature window in the room permits normal light to spread all through all the apartment suite. The steel staircase, custom-cleaning specialist, offers access to the rooftop porch.

Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-04 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-05 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-06 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-07 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-09 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-10 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-11 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-12 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-13 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-14 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-15 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-16 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-17 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-18 Espace-Panet-Triplex-in-Montreal-by-Anne-Sophie-Goneau-19

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