Stair House in Seattle by David Coleman Architecture

Stair House in Seattle by David Coleman Architecture

Architects: David Coleman Architecture
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 2,400 ft²/ 223 m²
Photo courtesy: Steve Keating

Situated on a steeply slanted parcel in Seattle sitting above Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains, this 2400 SF home will be home to a couple with two canines. Drawn closer from the street on the tough side, the customer needed security from the street, access to all parts of the site from the inside and outside, and an attention on the eastern perspectives.


We reacted by adding to a “dark box” – an impartial compartment entered from the road by method for a private yard, concentrated on a sculptural stair in the focal point of the building. The stair characterizes a feeling of spot, gives network to all levels, and crosses with an outside stair that interfaces the patio with the back yard. Most inside rooms are arranged toward the perspective.


Set in a frameless glass box and created of darkened steel channel, mahogany and punctured steel, the inside stair peruses as an item, sorting out the inside around a straightforward signal. The glass dividers reach out to all levels, permitting light to enter profound into the focal point of the building.


The outside stair is characterized by a welded wire network screen running the length of the house. Vines will in the end overwhelm the screen, changing it into a straightforward green divider.


Transcendent materials incorporate rheinzink siding, aluminum trims, cleaned concrete, welded wire network, darkened steel, mortar, mahogany, fortified glass, Douglas fir and ebonized oak. Together, they characterize an exquisite building that is spatially rich, light filled, and fittingly subservient to the exceptional perspectives.

Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-05 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-06 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-07 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-08 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-09 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-10 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-11 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-12 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-13 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-14 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-15 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-16 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-17 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-18 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-19 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-20 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-21 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-22 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-23 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-24 Stair-House-in-Seattle-by-David-Coleman-Architecture-25

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