Create A Stylish, Accessible Design For Your Home

Create A Stylish, Accessible Design For Your Home

A recent  AARP study has shown that a whopping 85% of seniors, unsurprisingly, want to remain in their own homes for as long as they can. Of course, that’s not always feasible, depending on the circumstances. For those that are gearing up to move into an independent living residence, usually, some of the first thoughts that crop up are visions of a drab, sterile environment, with white walls, ugly rugs, and outdated furnishings. But times are changing, and many independent living establishments have stepped up their designing game to incorporate more stylish and trendy looks. Independent Living is the  top choice for seniors today, according to the National Council For Aging Care, and along with that freedom comes the desire to design a home with a more creative and individual signature. The challenge for seniors now is finding  the right modern design that fits a typically smaller floor plan, while ensuring everything stays safe and accessible.

Personalize And Modernize

According to research by Life Care Service , folks are shying away from the cookie-cutter institutionalized look of senior housing and prefer the real home feel that includes things like fireplaces, intimate seating areas, live plants, windows, and high ceilings. Area rugs and wood floors have a certain appeal, but might not always be the best choices due to concerns about tripping and slipping. A more suitable flooring solution for seniors can be carpet or cork, due to its inherent ability to add warmth to the place and provide greater traction than hard surface flooring. Bathrooms can be augmented with classy   walk-in tubs that not only add a touch of elegance but are also extremely safe. Non-slip tile floors are available in some great designs as well as amenities like fold-up toilet rails, and transfer benches that look more like a boutique -hotel lobby seats.
Access to the outdoors, something most everyone has in their homes throughout their lives, is also a must-have. Known as Biophilic Design, this growing trend in senior living featuring natural light, living landscape, and ventilation to help seniors stay in touch with nature.We can transform sterile generic environments by starting with color choices, moving beyond the lackluster white and grays, and moving toward designs highlighting jewel tones, mixed metals, and lush fabrics, thus creating a more opulent ambiance tailored to the particular tastes of the senior residents. Boutique-style stainless-steel or shiny black handrails installed at strategic places and smartly incorporated within the decor can provide uniqueness coupled with safety.

Smartify Your Home

Another popular design for independent living facilities is the transition into a “smart” home. This is where technology steps in, and you can control almost everything in the home with your fingertips, or if you one of the more tech-savvy, direct from apps on your smartphone. Perhaps even better are voice-controlled speaker devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo, where you can not only instruct it to play your favorite music and answer questions, but you can also link it to your home computer. This allows you to give instructions to control the lights, doors, thermostats, security cameras, and even order a pizza. Modern accents like LED lighting is being incorporated not only for saving energy but also promoting healthy sleep patterns by aligning lamp color temperature with the residents’ circadian rhythms.
Ultimately, the good news is that independent living is now truly independent, where you can pick from a plethora of design tips to spruce up your place to not only feel safe and sound but also to feel, well…like home. Your home.

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