Sundial by Eugene Stoltzfus Architects

Sundial by Eugene Stoltzfus Architects

Architects: Eugene Stoltzfus Architects
Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA
Year: 2008
Area: 3,660 sqft
Photo courtesy: Eugene Stoltzfus Architects

This country house is developed from the urban concept of two houses with a street between them. This interior street acts as the atrium, unifying the two houses. The integration of the site positioning, the floor plans, the 3 dimensional form, the massing of masonry and the orientation toward the view and the sun, give this passive solar house its distinctive character.


The Day House, on the South side, includes the kitchen, dining room, and living room. It is open to the street, with no interior walls. Glazing there take the form of glass walls. The Night House, on the North side, is divided into private rooms: bedrooms, office, laundry, and bathrooms. Glazing here takes the form of windows.


The (Street) Atrium accomodates circulation in 3 dimensions: across between the two houses, lengthwise from entrance to back door, and vertically by stair from the basement to the ground floor and on up to the second floor.


The Atrium roof holds the skylight with the center rod whose shadow allows the inhabitants of this house to tell time on the walls and floors of Sundial House, since it is oriented perfectly south.

Sundial-04 Sundial-05 Sundial-06 Sundial-07 Sundial-08 Sundial-09 Sundial-10 Sundial-11

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