Catch the Tree Spa by LAND Arquitectos

Catch the Tree Spa by LAND Arquitectos

Architects: LAND Arquitectos
Location: Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Sergio Pirrone

Displaying of the site work in conjunction with the compositional configuration of the article, to bring the normal outside space into the work.


This venture is produced from the scene, similar to a terraced greenery enclosure, folds from the earliest starting point to the land’s end, through layered grower, stairs and pots, completing in a focal pot, a spot where there was an old Damascus in the field, substance between the two primary ranges inside of the undertaking.


The light work goes for a penetrable space in the middle of outside and inside to discover the section of day, through sky facing windows and coated skin along half of the venture’s edge.


White inside shading, and furniture into a work of mirror reflections and notes additionally give shade from the vegetation encompassing the venture. One of the border dividers of block, go internal, an approach to associate outwardly with the outside.


Spatially this is additionally accomplished in the living space, to have the capacity to open two of its sides totally. From the system, the two principle zones are physically isolated yet associated outwardly and spatially, through the focal patio of Damascus. The primary bay windows through the increasing so as to undertake the view of space inside of the venture.


Latent manageable procedures apply:

The sauna confronting north to raise their inward temperature. The greenhouse is intended for the gathering of species and nourishment species, for example, Capers, Lavender, Rosemary crawling Laurel eating, herbs, and a spot to cultivate. In this manner, the scene is a “dynamic scene,” implying that it is a scene that satisfies more capacities that exist just to be watched.

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