Head Road 1816 by SAOTA

Head Road 1816 by SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch

The owners required a four room home for their young family, the configuration of which needed to epitomize every one of the characteristics of extravagance open-arrangement living while as yet giving a simple domain.


The reasonable items of the site – steepness and town arranging limitations – were key beginning drivers in deciding the parameters accessible. The restricted extent of the property likewise required the cautious thought of protection and room settlement, which is set over from the road or suitably screened.


Exertion was put into profiting by perspectives to the back onto Lions Head and crosswise over Sea Point and the Atlantic Seaboard. There is an unmistakable vertical qualification between the living and room settlement. With youthful youngsters, the rooms should have been be in close nearness to one another and to the folks therefore a securable ‘family just’ divide of the house was an outcome. The upper-most level obliges the main room; a liberal open-arrangement space comprehensive of a dressing region and en suite lavatory. From the passage a timber staircase gets to the essential living and diversion zone. The living zones are masterminded to permit mless association with the patio nursery, secured porch and pool. Level changes, the roof plane and sliding entryways inconspicuously characterize this flexible space.


The house’s dialect reflects strong contemporary lines and amplified planes, however the presentation of timber has relaxed and obscured this refinement. The material characteristics of timber and the way it is utilized enact the faculties – the sound and possess a scent reminiscent of the hardwood timber underneath on the staircase sets a tone on going into the house. Screening components guaranteeing security have turned into an essential part of the stylish. The juxtaposition of strong mass to extensive fields of straightforwardness is transitioned with semi-straightforward slatted screens and shades. The engineering dialect takes its signals from a Spanish way to deal with straightforward cubic volumes with punctured openings and planar dividers that open up to make liberal sea sees.


Such a limited, steep site frequently bargains the last result yet here, with the mless association of indoor and open air spaces, the house’s heart was effectively reached out from limit to

Head-1816-05 Head-1816-06 Head-1816-07 Head-1816-08 Head-1816-09 Head-1816-10 Head-1816-12 Head-1816-13 Head-1816-14 Head-1816-15 Head-1816-16 Head-1816-17 Head-1816-18

Head-1816-21 Head-1816-22 Head-1816-23 Head-1816-24 Head-1816-25 Head-1816-26 Head-1816-27 Head-1816-28

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