Somosaguas by A-cero

Somosaguas by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Somosaguas, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain
Area: 18,300 sqft / 1,700 sqm
Photo courtesy: A-cero

At the season of outlining the house, we needed to discover a differentiator, obviously dependably stay steadfast to the structural planning that A-Cero has been growing, so we attempted to convey cubic structures and bends figure out how to keep volumes that gave a predictable dialog between them.


From the first minute the house obviously demonstrates its expectations, and dangerous adapted structures, on account of an unobtrusive treatment of bends that match amicably with their normal setting without giving up an unmistakably advanced look. Flat lines rule volumes, which are superimposed in layers, from a somewhat noticeable cellar, shaping layers that seem to rise actually starting from the earliest stage.


The lines outside and within the house are attempting to deliver sculptural volumes, indeed A-Cero structural planning is to a great extent roused by the considerable figures of contemporary specialists like Richard Serra and David Nash and land workmanship. Craftsmanship and Architecture have gone as an inseparable unit in this and every one of our ventures.


We attempt to make structural planning and figure breathtaking, dependably inside of the principles, and thus, requires an arrangement taht regards the client, trying to accomplish most extreme accommodation to live in the house each day with solace. To this end, the position and uses are disseminated as takes after:


On the ground floor, the fundamental anteroom is highlighted, arranged underneath a bended shade that includes a lot of space, from where whatever remains of the house spreads out; the family room, lounge area, main room suite including a wardrobe and lavatory, recreation center, indoor pool, kitchen and office.


On the second floor lies a composition studio in a long and bended deck, getting a charge out of superb normal light and perspectives over the environment. The storm cellar floor is committed to recreation and wellbeing, and respects the accompanying regions: Txoko, diversion room, locker spaces for the outside pool, back rub room, theater, wine basement, exercise center, stockpiling range and the administration and offices for the whole staying.


The Garden

In the garden’s treatment, A-Cero needed to accomplish an availability between within and outside of the home regardless of the incline that exists between the road access and lake. They tackled the issue utilizing plummeting horizontal arrivals of slate rock driving from the gigantic patio of teh first floor to the greenery enclosure.


The ground floor or storm cellar of the house has direct access from every room of that floor.Both the ground floor patio and the pool deck are of the same material as the floor inside the house, (techlam) in white, great material for both inside and outside utilization. This will guarantee congruity in the middle of inside and outside.


The finishing, composed by A-Cero, is plainly Japanese-propelled, as appeared by the wealth of expansive bonsais and diverse types of blooming trees and bojs. Additionally, expansive decorative rocks purchased from Galicia were precisely set.


The Pool and Sculpture

The extensive bended swimming pool (400 sq m/4,300 sq ft), is secured with a dim liner (PVC cover slip). The pool includes the “vanishing edge” and this impact accomplishes a progression between the pool and lake. Amidst the pool is put a figure of orthogonal structures that appears to drift on the water’s surface. This is a figure by Austrian stone worker Ernesto Knorr and is made of cut steel.


House-in-Somosaguas-02 House-in-Somosaguas-04-1 House-in-Somosaguas-04-2 House-in-Somosaguas-04 House-in-Somosaguas-05-1 House-in-Somosaguas-05 House-in-Somosaguas-06 House-in-Somosaguas-07 House-in-Somosaguas-09-1 House-in-Somosaguas-09-2 House-in-Somosaguas-09 House-in-Somosaguas-12-2 House-in-Somosaguas-12-4 House-in-Somosaguas-12-5 House-in-Somosaguas-12-6 House-in-Somosaguas-12-7 House-in-Somosaguas-12 House-in-Somosaguas-14-0 House-in-Somosaguas-14-1 House-in-Somosaguas-14-2 House-in-Somosaguas-14 House-in-Somosaguas-15 House-in-Somosaguas-16 House-in-Somosaguas-18-1 House-in-Somosaguas-18 House-in-Somosaguas-23 House-in-Somosaguas-24 House-in-Somosaguas-25 House-in-Somosaguas-27-1 House-in-Somosaguas-27 House-in-Somosaguas-28 House-in-Somosaguas-29 House-in-Somosaguas-30-1 House-in-Somosaguas-30


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