Apartment interior design made to share the sophisticated and luxury feeling to the owners

Architects: Pavel Yanev
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Year: 2017
Area: 1.938 ft²/ 180 m²
Photo courtesy: Nikki Candelero

“It’s a maisonette in a brand new building, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Residents’ brief was to be modern, sophisticated with a luxury feeling. To complete the task, we choose to work with basic materials and play with details.

For the modern feeling we mixed the evergreen modern black & white, for the coziness – wood and soft textiles, and for the luxury – glossy nishes. But not only the materials are essential for the nal design. We understand materials best by contrast them. That’s why reinventing the geometry of the space was essential.

Visual language and connection between shapes and materials was the winning formula and strategy for us to get the most from the space!”

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