H3 by 314 Architecture Studio

H3 by 314 Architecture Studio

Location: Athens, Greece
Area: 10.800 sf ( 1.000 m2)
Land area: 75.400 sf ( 7000 m2)
Photos: in courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

This private place of an aggregate 1000m2 (10,800 square feet) is situated on a plot of place that is known for 7000m2 (75,400 square feet). The house was outlined keeping in mind the end goal to give the feeling of floating over the water and cruising, motivated by the proprietors’ affection for yachts.

The bioclimatic outline of the home, the cooling sentiment the house through the contact of water and the utilization of sun and the geothermic vitality are reliable in building up an exceedingly dynamic and cutting edge additionally eco cordial configuration.

H3-01 H3-02 H3-03 H3-04 H3-05 H3-06 H3-07 H3-09 H3-10 H3-11 H3-12 H3-13 H3-14 H3-16 H3-17


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