Villa 3S by Love Architecture

Villa 3S by Love Architecture

Architects: Love Architecture
Location: Geidorf, Graz, Austria
Year: 2010
Area: 1,560 sqft
Photo courtesy: Jasmin Schuller

A dazzling property on the edges of Graz Geidorf, an extremely constraining area use arrangement and an exceptionally yearning spending plan shape the beginning stage for the arranging of my own home.


Straightforward yet complex; clear additionally energetic; light and hopeful; little yet likewise huge. A spot that is compositionally unmistakable, yet prominently bearable; capricious and extraordinary, yet still practical for regular living – these are the qualities of my family’s future home.


One of the principal thoughts was to join the generally expansive property into the living space, intending to make the limits in the middle of house and garden as liquid as could be expected under the circumstances keeping in mind the end goal to broaden the living space over the whole property. This implies whatever number inconspicuous, limits and moves between within and the outside as could reasonably be expected: substantial scale vitrification with expansive sliding entryways; porches that lead into the property and protected territories serve to obscure the fringes.


The moderately strict area use arrangement, which stipulated a seat rooftop with an assigned slant, introduced a further test. A collapsing starts at the seating stage on the southern porch over the outside dividers, proceeds over the rooftop, covers the building structure and accordingly shapes a “seat rooftop” without tackling the presence of a routine seat rooftop.


This collapsing spatially separates the individual zones, along these lines giving more energy to the whole complex. Because of the spatiality and “perspectivity” made along these lines, the house looks not quite the same as each edge. The inside rooms will be up to 4 meters tall, which will make the whole house seem much bigger.


The inside of the house is based on one fundamental space for cooking, eating and living. Whenever open, extensive sliding entryways between the individual rooms unite a liquid, complete spatial structure. With the sliding entryways shut, every room keeps up its closeness and peculiarity furthermore reaches out to its own outside zone or get to. For instance, the washroom has its own, murky patio with an open air shower, which can be changed over to an inside room with the utilization of wide collapsing entryways. Climate allowing, the washroom space can be multiplied along these lines.


The building is a huge block development with solid dividers and a fortified solid rooftop. This rooftop additionally serves as a warm stockpiling mass to give a lovely indoor atmosphere and is secured with wood outside. This shades the planking and outwardly mixes the porch and rooftop into a brought together entirely.

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