Pensão Agricola in Tavira by Atelier Rua

Pensão Agricola in Tavira by Atelier Rua

Architects: Atelier Rua
Location: Tavira, Portugal
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Miguel Manso, Ana Paula Carvalho, Atelier Rua

Situated close to the city of Tavira, between the Algarve mountain reach toward the north and the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve toward the south, the site is embedded in a country range where the scene is commanded by plots and developments bound to agrarian exercises.


The plot, longitudinal fit as a fiddle, is separated into two distinct zones by a bunch of developments (the fundamental house and the extensions that upheld the horticultural exercises). The zone toward the north, where one can get to the plot, is set apart by an inviting back street of olive and carob trees. Toward the south, a more private and isolates zone is commanded by an organic product tree plantation.


The primary house was remodeled utilizing conventional development techniques and technics, accordingly saving its unique character and feel. The main typological changes made to this structure were the ones entirely important to a proper adaption to its new program. Here one can locate the social and useful zones of the house: the gathering, the kitchen, three little living and lounge areas and two rooms. The roofs are secured with the same reeds that we found in the first house, painted in white. The floor is a ceaseless smooth screed.


Three new volumes associated by dividers of various thicknesses and statures rise around the principle house, where the additions once stood. These dividers characterize resting places associated with the principle house and individual yards for the new rooms. The new developments adjust to the encompassing landscape, and toward the south, a farthest point is characterized where a water tank, a long seat and two windows on a divider open up to the plantation.

Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-04 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-05 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-06 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-07 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-08 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-09 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-10 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-11 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-12 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-13 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-14 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-15 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-16 Pensao-Agricola-in-Tavira-by-Atelier-Rua-17

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