Summer Apartment Near Berlin by Loft Szczecin

Summer Apartment Near Berlin by Loft Szczecin

Architects: Loft Szczecin
Location: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Karolina Bak

Summer loft is set up in the royal residence complex encompassed by a timberland in suburbia of Berlin. All rooms have experienced a noteworthy redesign. Before beginning the work enormous measures of waste must be expelled from all rooms. The dividers required drying and rebuilding. The floor was a sifting floor so blocks and boards were laid everywhere throughout the whole surface.


The condo will be utilized principally as a part of the late spring and amid occasions and uncommon occasions.The thought for the inside configuration to some degree alludes to the old Mediterranean design, while gear and furniture with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from platitude, should be somewhat unconventional, secretive and rich. The kitchen has a basic, plain and somewhat rustic character.


Furniture, lights and adornments have been finished on account of contacts with gatherers and merchants from whom planner has been getting those things for a considerable length of time. Much of the time, they were totally revamped. Creator, Jacek Kolasiński, is additionally satisfied that most furniture, lights and carpets originate from Poland. A few of these things are extremely extraordinary (some of them were even made bespoke numerous years prior). Among the furniture and gear there are likewise results of the Czech Republic and Denmark at the turn of 50-60, and also things composed by our studio and produced in Poland.

Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-03 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-04 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-05 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-06 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-07 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-08 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-09 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-10 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-11 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-12 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-13 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-14 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-15 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-16 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-17 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-18 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-19 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-20 Summer-Apartment-Near-Berlin-by-Loft-Szczecin-21

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