Contemporary luxury Lakeway Residence by Clark Richardson Architects

Contemporary luxury Lakeway Residence by Clark Richardson Architects

Architects: Clark Richardson Architects
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 4,370 ft2 / 406 m2
Photo courtesy: Piston Design, Paul Finkel

The Lakeway Residence is a contemporary extravagance home situated in Lakeway, Texas, settled in the moving Central Texas Hill Country. This 4 room, 4 shower home is situated on a delicately inclining site arranged toward inaccessible perspectives that rise as the treetops slip down the slope. The twofold patio parti outlines outside spaces both toward the North and South of the living arrangement. Toward the North, a drive court permits adequate space for vehicular access while setting the principle passage and massing off as a piece.


Going through the lobby, the high-roof lounge opens West to a formal eating region and gourmet kitchen on a pivot transverse to the patio parti. Proceeding toward the South, 10′ twofold sliding glass entryways open delicately to an extensive pool deck wrapped by the primary spaces of the principal floor. The long open floor arrangement, tall roofs with sufficient coating, and the patio parti all work in amicability with uninvolved sun powered standards and winning breezes to take into consideration an effective green configuration.


The material palette is peaceful however exquisite, comprising principally of smooth stucco, dull recolored cedar accents, and bronze completed windows all through. The kitchen highlights two-tone dim cupboards, a quieted glass tram tile accent divider, and an unobtrusive white and dim marble island ledge. Nearby the kitchen is a head servant’s wash room and clothing. Advantageous carport access is additionally adjoining, through a discrete lobby. The second floor, with a family room, two rooms, shared shower, and open air gallery are gotten to by means of a stair behind the kitchen.


The rest of the main floor starts East of the family room chimney and hearth. Powder, coat, and office spaces loan calm usefulness, while the expert suite gives private extravagance. Isolated from the primary spaces by a short private lobby, the main room is day-lit by extensive corner windows confronting the far reaching view. The South yard and pool bow on pivot with the all the more deep down centered visitor suite as setting. The expert shower incorporates an exclusive shower space with unattached tub, encased water storage room, and twofold vanity while the expert wardrobe anticipates past. Every space remains all alone yet streams effectively in the midst of the synthesis, advancing a spotless, present day tasteful and reasonable way of life.

Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-04 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-05 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-06 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-07 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-08 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-09 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-10 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-11 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-12 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-13 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-14 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-15 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-16 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-17 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-18 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-19 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-20 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-21 Contemporary-luxury-Lakeway-Residence-by-Clark-Richardson-Architects-22

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