Lush and mountainous landscape of X-Float residences on River Kwai Bridge by Agaligo Studio

Lush and mountainous landscape of X-Float residences on River Kwai Bridge by Agaligo Studio

Architects: Agaligo Studio
Location: Karnchanaburi, Thailand
Year: 2015
Area: 1,184 sq. ft / 110 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Samitdoc

Beside the rich, uneven scene and popular River Kwai Bridge, Karnchanaburi is surely understood for its skimming houses and flatboats. Skimming on the stream, these particular structures significantly separate Karnchanaburi from whatever other areas in Thailand. X-Float is a creation that upgrades the interest of the River Kwai’s gliding houses with an alternate worldview of outline and solace. The novel convenience is outlined notwithstanding the Project X2 River Kwai Resort.


X-Float’s configuration looks like a volumetric advancement of a pontoon, a primitive man-made drifting stage, from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional – to a decent unit. This makes X-Float a crossbreed of vernacular and present day structural planning.


Amid development, to totally take out unsettling influences to visitors who were dwelling in the officially working X2 Resort, X-Float’s drifting units were assembled offsite and towed for establishment once finished. Arranged at the waterway twist, all units are situated such that their stream perspectives are expanded and such that they are however much as could be expected protected from the unforgiving, tropical evening daylight.


The equalization in burden, air, and water is the basic rule that keeps X-Float above water and sufficiently relentless for visitors to make the most of their stay without getting movement affliction. The fundamental structure of X-Float is made out of lightweight steel surrounding, cladded with fiber bond siding and plywood.


Wastewater and sewage are legitimately treated before being discharged into the regular waterway. To encourage water filtration and fortify the encompassing biological system, sea-going plants, for example, reed, papyrus, and pondweed are re-planted around the site.

Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-05 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-06 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-07 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-08 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-09 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-10 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-11 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-12 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-13 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-14 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-15 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-16 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-17 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-18 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-19 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-20 Lush-and-mountainous-landscape-of-X-Float-residences-on-River-Kwai-Bridge-by-Agaligo-Studio-21

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