Harold Way by Whipple Russell Architects

Harold Way by Whipple Russell Architects

Architects: Whipple Russell Architects
Location: Hollywood Hills, California, USA
Year: 2009
Area: 4.300 sqft
Photo courtesy:Whipple Russell Architects

This smooth and glossy Hollywood Hills shocker was constructed for a lone wolf – on one of the famous Bird Streets. It is an unadulterated advanced, without-to-the-edge glass for review the shining lights underneath. The floor arrangement encompasses an all-white open chimney in the living range and in the eating territory sits a secluded wonder of an advanced, mechanized eating table.


At the point when not being used the ting is pushed together into a polished solid shape. All through the house expelled sky facing windows give additional light, alongside rotating 12″ high glass entryways in the kitchen that open to the review deck.


First floor is all Master Suite and Theater-a mass of glass augments the perspective from bed or ting region. With consideration regarding line, symmetry, and binding together materials, Whipple Russell Architects has made all the energy and solace an unhitched male needs. Furthermore, an additional for this customer whose auto was his fine art, we verified he could stop it in a space by the front room.

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HaroldWay-34 HaroldWay-35 HaroldWay-36 HaroldWay-37 HaroldWay-38 HaroldWay-39 HaroldWay-40 HaroldWay-41 HaroldWay-42 HaroldWay-43 HaroldWay-44 HaroldWay-45 HaroldWay-46 HaroldWay-47 HaroldWay-48

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