Phinney Modern Residence by Pb Elemental

Phinney Modern house by Pb Elemental

Architects: Pb Elemental
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 2,150 sqft
Photo courtesy: Aseem Agarwala

This 2,510 sqft single family home is situated in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood. The house was intended for a youthful family on a little in-fill part. The parcel was extremely testing a little more than 2,000 sft with an entrance easement covering a segment of the southwest corner. This made a circumstance where the building foot shaped impression secured most of the yard, so it was key to catch outside space on the structure. This prompted the converse floorplan (living on the third level), permitting the principle spaces to effortlessly get to outside space, light and view.


The mortgage holders made an inviting differentiation by their decisions in furniture and divider covers. To keep up a visual association with the road we composed the stair to the fundamental living level to be straightforward so you can see and feel the movement. The upper level opens to a West confronting deck and outside stair prompting a perspective roofdeck which ignores Ballard and the Puget Sound.

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