House of the Four Courtyards by Andrés Stebelski Arquitecto

House of the Four Courtyards by Andrés Stebelski Arquitecto

Architects: Andrés Stebelski Arquitecto
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2013
Area: 3,390 sqft
Photo courtesy: Onnis Luque

Located in the financial area of ​​the old town of Tacubaya, this house aims to reinterpret in a contemporary manner using the patios. In the lot was a very run down neighborhood, was demolished to build the new house.


A perimeter wall 6m height insulates the house of their environment, containing space. This wall into the street becomes a discreet façade that respects the height of the neighboring properties and harmony of the street. On the ground, the house reads like a chessboard, alternating solid and patios volumes; but being glass throughout, the space is conceived as one: the inside becomes the outside and vice versa.


The metal structure plays an important role in the project, creates a three-dimensional grid which defines the spaces; It is also slim enough to allow transparency. The structure is visible both in the ceilings and floors giving rhythm and order.


The house is on two floors, the first there are the public spaces: entrance, parking, laundry, kitchen, dining room and study. On the second floor are three bedrooms with their own dressing rooms and bathrooms. The room, double height, spatially connecting the two floors, stairs and patios.


The vegetation becomes the courtyards of the house, giving the impression of living in contact with the outside. Thanks to the courts, the sun bathes the house all day creating a play of reflections and shadows that animate the space.


The roof is a garden with a bucket of glass protruding amid plants; it regulates the temperature of the house and is the ideal place to read, watch the vegetation and the roofs of the old town of Tacubaya.

House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-06 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-07 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-08 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-09 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-10 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-11 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-12 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-13 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-14 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-15 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-16 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-17 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-18 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-19 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-20 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-21 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-22 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-23 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-24 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-25 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-26 House-of-the-Four-Courtyards-27

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