Home 09 by i29 Interior Architects

Home 09 by i29 Interior Architects

Architects: i29 Interior Architects
Location: Bloemendaal, The Netherlands
Area: 489 sqm
Photo courtesy: i29 interior architects

Near Bloemendaal, on the edge of the Kennemer hills, the site of Villa Bloemendaal is arranged. A practical home that takes after a moderate plan and shows regard for man and nature alike, in an interesting local location where the current vegetation are given full rein.


i29 inside engineers dealt with the inside of a manor which was composed by Paul de Ruiter draftsmen. An insignificant way to deal with the appearance and itemizing of the building is a center estimation of both the inside and outside configuration.


The vast territories of glass and the yard result in greatest daylighting and give the occupants the inclination that the estate and the encompassing scene are one.


Keeping in mind the end goal to bring nature inside much all the more, the inside’s majority capacities in the house are produced using common materials. i29 inside planners made huge surfaces of wood through the entire house to interface the distinctive zones. Cupboards, closets, dividers, sliding entryways, informal lodging a chimney have been made in one and the same material. Pine wood boards – ordinarily a fundamental material-has been utilized as a top of the line completing with fine subtle elements.

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