Elwood Townhouse by InForm

Elwood Townhouse by InForm

Architects: InForm
Location: Elwood, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

A solid gathering divider develops the whole length of the townhouse, isolating it from its neighbour (it is one in succession of three) and outwardly interfacing the front section to the back yard garden. On the ground floor the study, kitchen and living territories stream around a coated focal patio, which with an adjoining made timber stair gives a focal light source and center to the long lineal space.


A little sanctum gives a peaceful withdraw and addresses the front deck and garden. The upper floor incorporates two extravagantly named rooms and a yoga studio, Yoga Lane, sits over the parking space past the back patio.


A long dark timber balustrade off the front rooms drifts over the passage patios of each of the three townhouses and structures a binding together component for the building. It is topped with a steel confined pergola that once vine secured will mollify the design and relate it to the verdant tree lined streetscape.

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