Concrete modern NL-NF Villa in Ragusa, Italy by Architrend

Concrete modern NL-NF Villa in Ragusa, Italy by Architrend

Architects: Architrend
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Moreno Maggi

Boulevard of the Americas is a two-path road which is situated along the primary access to the city for the individuals who land from Catania. Who gets to Ragusa locate an appreciated sign in the town of the Baroque capital of the area with a few landmarks of its recorded focus selected in the UNESCO list.


It is situated before a non-place, fringe extension, the entirety of worn-out structures worked between the end of the old and the start of the new thousand years. Of this the guest does not discover the track There is no base urban configuration, the streets are carports, made just for autos and not for individuals to associate distinctive parts of a group of confused and ailing in character.


In this setting, we wound up toward the end of 2010 to begin a task of a living arrangement for two families.


The thought of our customers is to assemble a current building, surrendering a prior task which arranged a customary development with different traditional components. Beginning starting there comes the recognizable proof of our study which has now its own picture, because of the numerous contemporary tasks figured it out.


The principle thought when outlined the building was to free him from the building so as to build encompassing a first level overhanging on all sides, with an extensive shade towards the boulevard. The second thought was to consider the material, solid, which demonstrates the plot of the formwork boards. The venture is composed holistically, coordinating the outside with the inside which, albeit diverse in the two living arrangements, fundamentally for the utilization of materials are portrayed by normal decisions.


You enter in the working by an inward street on the posterior. From that side the task is portrayed by a basic lattice, anticipating on the ground floor, with an embedded steel staircase, light, which diverges from solid structures.

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