Casa Kimball by Rangr Studio

Casa Kimball by Rangr Studio

Architects: Rangr Studio
Location: Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Year: 2008
Area: 20,000 sqft / 1,858 sqm
Photo courtesy: Paul Warchol Photography

Finished in December 2008, Casa Kimball is a private shoreline house escape and extravagance rental estate situated on the North bank of the Dominican Republic. Arranged on a bluff with an all encompassing perspective of the Atlantic Ocean, each of eight full suites has a stunning perspective out to the sea.


The structures are intended to shield from perspectives of neighboring estates, increasing the experience of the boundless skyline past. The inside spaces converge with outside spaces, all of which are intended to permit sea breezes under shade from the sun, consistently.


Light at nightfall rakes through trees, throwing dappled daylight on the light stone floors at night. A long boundlessness edge pool makes a mless edge of water before the sea, concealing porches and a hot-tub at bluff edge that permit guests to encounter the sea’s thunder as waves break on the stones beneath.


Rangr Studio composed the monstrous window/ways to turn easily on metal rollers, with meager casings, made of a South-American hardwood as solid as steel. Two completions of nearby coral stone make up a great part of the divider and floor wrap up.


The manor speaks the truth 20,000 square feet, and incorporates two indoor and two outside parlors, a lounge area with a perspective fixated on the pool out to the sea, and an open air bar range.

Casa-Kimball-06 Casa-Kimball-07 Casa-Kimball-08 Casa-Kimball-09 Casa-Kimball-10 Casa-Kimball-11 Casa-Kimball-12-1-1 Casa-Kimball-12-1 Casa-Kimball-12 Casa-Kimball-13 Casa-Kimball-14-1 Casa-Kimball-14 Casa-Kimball-15-0-1 Casa-Kimball-15-0-2 Casa-Kimball-15-1 Casa-Kimball-15 Casa-Kimball-16 Casa-Kimball-17 Casa-Kimball-18 Casa-Kimball-19 Casa-Kimball-20 Casa-Kimball-21 Casa-Kimball-22 Casa-Kimball-23


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