River Road house by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

River Road house by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Architects: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects
Location: Sewall’s Point, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Area: 12,300 sqft /  1,143 sqm
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Positive volumes are adjusted on negative making an increased strain and interests. A glass-cleaned through-way join and recognizes the two prevailing volumes, or towers, catching light and adding to the feeling of inside extensiveness. Outside glass, limestone, stucco and mahogany diagram, enlarge and stay what generally may be viewed as independent structures.


The inside principally utilizes mahogany, Minnesota limestone, and mortar wraps up. The Bulthaup kitchen is upgraded by a sliding window divider which opens to the outside yard. Here and there spring some unforeseen present day touches like the idiosyncratic red crystal fixture and other little spots of a brighter shading palette, however by one means or another still takes after with the house’s outline.

The-River-Road-House-6 The-River-Road-House-8 The-River-Road-House-9 The-River-Road-House-10 The-River-Road-House-11 The-River-Road-House-12 The-River-Road-House-13 The-River-Road-House-14 The-River-Road-House-15 The-River-Road-House-16 The-River-Road-House-17 The-River-Road-House-18 The-River-Road-House-19 The-River-Road-House-20 The-River-Road-House-21 The-River-Road-House-22 The-River-Road-House-23 The-River-Road-House-24

The-River-Road-House-25 The-River-Road-House-26

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