First Crescent by SAOTA

First Crescent by SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Campus Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2007
Area: 7,276 sqft / 676 sqm
Photo courtesy: SAOTA

The owners brief was to plan a sensational, huge house. The house expected to suit his particular stylish contemplations and have the adaptability that it could be either in part or totally leased. The customer has a recognizing eye for striking contemporary outline and that, alongside the awesome position of the site loaned, to making a rich reaction.


A twofold story house was situated halfway on the site i.e. where it begins to extend towards the north which fundamentally cut the property down the middle bringing about an expansive south-bound front greenhouse. As the current house did not expand the locales’ potential, it was completely wrecked aside from the little cellar range which was changed over into a visitor suite with uncommon perspectives of its own. The test with the site was its shape; it is 50m long and just 20m wide (at its amplest). Our reaction was entirely striking because of its solid lines, yet made challenges in how to suit every one of the rooms without making a dull design. The property not just had a current building which should have been be obliterated however it likewise had broad fill over the characteristic ground level.


The property, and consequently the house’s arrangement, centered around Camps Bay shoreline, and the perspectives of Lion’s Head in a Northerly bearing. There are likewise awesome perspectives back to The Twelve Apostles and the Cable Station. To gain by the perspectives, implied that the outline additionally expected to react to issues of protection with the neighbor’s property. Clerestory frameless coating (bay windows) supplanted structure and confined perspectives which may somehow have been missed. Sandblasting of the full stature coating at the eastern limit empowered us to amplify light to the direct section and keep up perspectives of the mountain crests whilst holding fast to gatherings necessities and guaranteeing security of the neighboring property.


The rooms were just orchestrated to look west towards the considerable ocean sees – off the direct flow space which shapes the back “spine” of the house. There is a sensational staircase in this dissemination space; with great perspectives back to the Cable Station.


The living spaces are at the Northern side of the house, and feel like they push themselves towards the perspective. Every single living space have an awesome association with the secured or revealed patios and the inside/outside space continuation is emotional. The living spaces are exceptionally straightforward to exploit sees.


The Upstairs & Downstairs are fundamentally the same in that every level is completely prepared and autonomously livable. The ground floor varies in that it has an independent staff suite, just two rooms and a water highlight which runs the full length of the section underlining the house’s linearity. At this level the perspectives from the patio are generally confined toward the North. Be that as it may, at the First Floor one is lifted over the neighboring houses and can welcome the 360 degree view.


The rooftop over the deck has a steel structure which cantilevers out of the strengthened cement of the rooftop piece. A steel “ring” shaft was utilized to make the cut-out and the staying outer degree of the rooftop was then clad with aluminum boards. Steel segments stay unmistakable making the deception of a slender rooftop. Strengthened cement upstand shafts are however set once more from the rooftop’s edge and are not unmistakable from beneat.

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