9010 Hoppen Place by Whipple Russell Architects

9010 Hoppen Place by  Whipple Russell Architects

Architects: Whipple Russell Architects
Location: Bird Streets, Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2012
Plot Area:  43,056 sqft / 4000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Whipple Russell Architects

The City of Angels sparkles from Hopen Place, an estate composed by Whipple Russell Architects on the Hollywood slopes, where 50s building design meets 21st century eccentricity.


Keeping up a hidden reference to the exemplary’s structure estate, yet modernizing its ideal models with contemporary tones, materials, surfaces, light and water.


This the essential goal of the Los Angeles studio. And additionally planning a cutting edge stylish that would permit the customer to exchange the house inside of 2 years.


The habitation covers a surface of 43,056 square feet and checks 4 rooms with wide glass dividers that offer a glimmering perspective of the Sunset Strip.


And in addition a kitchen, lounge room, studio and five bathrooms with tubs. All spaces that permit access to outside territories (porch, greenhouse, yard and pools) through roof high glass sliders that open onto the metropolitan horizon.


Quiet class and usefulness grasp the proprietor’s impulses, which are clear in the decision of models and in the utilization of water, totally coordinated into the structure itself: from the interminability pool to the reflecting lakes and wet-edge waterfall along the way to the home theater.

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