The Gentera Innovation Lab located inside its corporate offices in Mexico City

The Gentera Innovation Lab located inside its corporate offices in Mexico City

Architects: Space
Location: Mexico CityMexico
Year: 2016
Area: 15.608 ft²/ 1.450 m²
Photo courtesy: Paul Czitrom

“The Gentera Innovation Lab is located inside its corporate offices in Mexico City. The approximate area is 1,450m2, occupying one floor inside the building where it is located. The design concept is based on 2 guiding principles; these principles are collaboration and flexibility. Of course everything is focused on promoting Innovation and New Forms of Work.


The architectural plan is divided into 2 principal areas. One for the use of internal employees and the other for the use of visitors and employees of Gentera.


In the part for the use of internal employees there are a variety of spaces that encourage and promote mobility and flexibility offering different work environments. There are work places that are assigned or permanent but there are also places not assigned to employees. All these communal environments or spaces offer the users places with different characteristics in order to develop their work depending on their needs.


In this manner the employees take control of the space and decide where to work, since they can work in different places during various days. The collaboration spaces are designed to address different needs and functions. There are spaces open, private and of different dimensions. Among the work solutions, there are also more traditional spaces such as formal meeting rooms as well as private offices. However this space is radically different from the rest of the offices of Gentera.


The entire space feels different since even aesthetically the image changes since different concepts, colors, textures and finishings were used. But always maintaining the roots and values of Gentera. With the aesthetics it was attempted to reflect its clients and employees, always having the human being as its principal motor.


In the second area of the floor is the more public section, which is focused on collaborative and meeting spaces. These spaces are designed for developing projects at different scales and for different users. In fact one of the objectives is that the space function as an incubator of ideas and new projects. They can be external as well as internal. In the access to the space there is a reception where the use of the spaces is coordinated.


There are spaces of different dimensions in order to accommodate work groups also of different sizes. And the technology is integrated into the spaces. There are audio, video and data solutions that help the users work under optimum conditions. The furniture also supports the concept of mobility and flexibility since most of it can be moved, adapted and accommodated as needed. Another of the virtues of the space is that it is easily adaptable to accommodate large groups for talks, events and networking among all the users.


The Innovation Lab acts as a different space where new forms of work are applied and its users change their form of work in order to create new projects and solutions that apply in their daily activities.”

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