Pampa House by Mariana Palacios

Pampa House by Mariana Palacios

Architects: Mariana Palacios
Location: Pocho, Córdoba, Argentina
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Gonzalo Viramonte

La Pampa de Pocho is a noteworthy spot which makes the viewer became hopelessly enamored with its noiseless and monochromatic scene. The house lies at the focal point of this otherworldly place, encompassed by three major stones which, in the meantime, shield the house from the serious nearby winds.


The fundamental thought is that guests can see a dark point in the skyline and can separate the house’s solid geometric shape from the neighborhood rock massifs. The dark shade of the sheet metal goes with the stony shading normal of the zone.


Because of its unfriendly qualities (icy, dry and blustery climate conditions), its secluded position from any populace, its to a great degree troublesome access, and the absence of specific nearby work constrain, the choice about the auxiliary framework to be actualized was the primal worry of this undertaking. A modern development framework was picked with a specific end goal to permit a less demanding transport of the materials utilized and in addition a conceivable development under unfavorable physical conditions (neither water nor power).


In the south-bound façade, there are couple of windows and a passageway; and in the north-bound façade, there are substantial windows and entryway openings which catch the significance of the scene and improve the section of warm normal light. Inside, there are two porches which go with the visit: the enormous one connections the house to the grill territory; the limited one, the one with local desert plant plants, illuminates the hall too the rooms.


The stone utilized was gathered from the zone (it was the main material that required the utilization of water.) Water is supplied through a pumping arrangement of water originating from a close-by spring and power through an arrangement of sun powered vitality.


The accomplished point of this task was to possess this mysterious place and celebrate in every space our Nature’s amazing sights.

Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-06 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-07 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-08 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-09 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-10 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-11 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-12 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-13 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-14 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-15 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-16 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-17 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-18 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-19 Pampa-House-by-Mariana-Palacios-20

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