Three Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Three Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting a home ready to sell is a necessary process for a quick and favorable sale. You want buyers to fall in love with your home and to want it. Thus, you should aim to present your home in a way that prospective buyers will love.

One thing is for sure: if you put in the work required for getting your home ready, you will reap the rewards. Buyers will attach a higher value to your home than other properties when they love what they see. Even if you are engaging experts, such as The BC Team, to help sell your home, you still need to prepare it before showing prospective buyers.

What Do Buyers Want?

When you know what home buyers want, you will be able to present your home accordingly. Every prospective buyer looks out for a home that is an updated version of their former home. Buyers check out homes and compare them with other options they’ve seen in the area.

Generally, buyers look out for three main features: size, lighting, and modernity. Getting your home ready for buyers should focus on these three aspects.

The three ways to get your home ready to sell are thus making it appear bigger, highlighting its modernity, and making it brighter.

Make The Home Bigger

The focus here is not on increasing the actual size of your home but on making it appear bigger. Optimize floor space to make your home appear bigger. This would mean removing all unnecessary furniture. Consider renting a storage unit for all extra furniture and items that will be removed to increase floor space.

Emptying doorways and walkways will make it easier for buyers to move around. The home will also seem more spacious when doorways and walkways are empty.

Declutter all kinds of spaces, from bookshelves to kitchen counters, to create more space and make your home welcoming. Keep personal items away to depersonalize and declutter your home. Depersonalizing a home helps the buyer to see it as theirs rather than yours.

Also, leave walls empty to create a perception of more space. Use art and statement pieces to attract attention to focal points and leave the rest of the wall free. Places that could use art and statement pieces include bedside tables and above fireplaces and sofas.

For small rooms, reducing the contrast helps to create perceived space. If the colors of a small room contrast, change them to more harmonious colors.

Highlight The Modernity

Buyers always look out for modern features. No one wants a home with outdated features because of the time and money an upgrade will cost.

The modernity of a home is reflected in the floors. If the floors are old and worn out or simply not very appealing, they should be replaced. Even if only minor repairs are to be carried out, the floor should make the list.

Good floors will translate to more value for the buyer and more money for the seller.

Also, focus on the kitchen, the most important room in any home. Kitchen repairs should always make the list, even if it is simply changing the counters, cabinets, and backsplash. A simple facelift of the kitchen will make a lot of difference.

Prospective buyers will surely notice any effort put into making the kitchen more modern.

Every home could use a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint makes a home more appealing and helps conceal scratches, stains, and other basic issues. Painting is quite cheap and makes for a great makeover. 

Getting better lighting for a home is another easy way to highlight its modern features. Improved lighting will draw the prospective buyer’s attention and get the seller more money for the property.

Repairs should focus on outdoor and indoor areas. Even if the most efforts were put into upgrading the interiors, unwelcoming exteriors could easily put off prospective buyers. 

Make The Home Brighter

Home buyers make decisions based on a combination of logic and emotion. Making a home brighter is a way of appealing to the emotional part of the decision-making process. Buyers simply prefer how a home looks when it is brighter.

Increase the lighting of a home to make it brighter and airier. Turn on all the lights that are usually off to show the intending buyer the brighter side of the home. Also, look out for broken and dated blinds and replace them.

If the home has shutters, open them to let in more light. Using plain white drapes or sheers is another way to brighten spaces with natural light. If pot lights fit the home’s style, they could also be applied strategically to increase lighting. Pot lights are best applied as secondary sources of lighting.

In conclusion, putting proper efforts into preparing a property for buyers is always the right move to make. This article shared a lot of details about getting your home ready to sell.  

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