Shower cabins, low on maintenance, high on desirability

Shower cabins, low on maintenance, high on desirability

Right now, the most exciting innovations are all about doing more with less and the very best of them are finding ways to take the everyday and make it special. That’s why shower cabins are quickly becoming today’s “must-have” bathroom appliance.


Shower cabins ease the pain of bathroom maintenance

The average bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house but it can easily cost the most per square foot to put together and generally takes at least as much time to clean as far bigger rooms.  Some interior designers suggest that the reason why bathrooms are, relatively speaking, so expensive, is because people like to spend money on making their bathrooms look and feel luxurious, so they really become private spas. There may be a degree of truth in this but we think that in most cases the main reason bathrooms cost so much to put together (per square foot) is that they have traditionally needed a lot of tiling and even basic subway tiles are expensive. As soon as you start moving up to more premium tiles, they quickly become even more expensive. Then either need to spend your own time putting them up or pay someone else to do it. Shower cabins, however, are completely self-contained, in other words, they keep all the water and steam safely inside, so you don’t have to tile.

Eliminating the tiling also eliminates the need to maintain the tiling, so no more scrubbing away mold and touching up grout to stop leaks. In fact, from a purely practical standpoint, one of the biggest arguments in favor of shower cabins is that they put a stop to the leaks which can cause serious damage to your walls.  As an added bonus, they can help to increase your flooring options since you no longer have to worry about flooring getting totally soaking wet.

What’s more, cleaning a shower cabin is about as easy as it can be, you just give it a quick rinse and that’s the job done.


Shower cabins give you the luxury of a bath in much less space

For many years, the basic rule of thumb in bathrooms was that baths were for luxury and showers were for speed. Shower cabins, however, have brought new rules with them. If you’re in a hurry then you can certainly zap through your wash and head out the door. If, on the other hand, you have time to enjoy some personal-care luxury, then shower cabins can deliver. They come with monsoon showerheads which essentially give you a bath while you stand up – or sit down on a shower stool.  If you love listening to music while you chill, then shower cabins have you covered as they generally come with FM radios as standard and have speakers which can cope with making themselves heard over the running water.  Some shower cabins have Bluetooth connectivity as well and it’s not uncommon for them to have color-changing lighting too.  As you move up to the more premium offerings, you get hydrotherapy massage jets and at the very top end you also get steam generators, usually accompanied by aromatherapy modules.


Massage and steam

Everybody loves a good massage and while hydrotherapy jets aren’t as good as a human massage therapist, they still feel really good and the fact that they’re in your own shower means that you can use them whenever you want.  If you’re skeptical about the benefits of massage, then we think the experience of using shower cabins with hydrotherapy jets will be more than enough to convince you.  They are, quite simply, a superb way to treat the low-level muscle pain many of us experience on a daily basis, usually caused by a combination of stress and poor posture, not all of which is our fault.  We may know perfectly well that we should aim to stand up straight at all times, but that can be easier said than done on crowded transport or when carrying heavy shopping (or children).

Steam generators are state-of-the-art investment appliances for modern home bathrooms.  Even though the health and wellness benefits of steam have been known about for years, the practicalities of delivering it have meant that up until very recently, having a full-body steam treatment meant either going to a public facility or being wealth enough to own a large home which could contain the necessary equipment.  These days, however, steam generators have been shrunk down to a size where they could be carried in a briefcase and can certainly be fitted into shower cabins.  As we’ve previously mentioned, shower cabins are entirely self-contained and shower cabins which are fitted with steam generators are also fitted with fans, so there’s no danger of steam taking over your bathroom and damaging any tech equipment you have in it (or indeed anything else) nor will it condense into water all over your bathroom, leaving you with quite a clean-up job after each treatment.

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