House of Silence by FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects

House of Silence by FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects

Architects: FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga, Japan
Year: 2012
Area: 321 sqm
Photo courtesy: Takumi Ota and Kei Nakajima

The customer needed to have a house which is not impacted by nature of its area. This structural engineering, which is made out of a solid volume, has not got numerous windows and is shut by dividers, however must mixed bag of space inside that you will never envision from outside.

28,Takumi Ota
The harsh solid completion, glossy tiles and an opening like a spire will give you a variety’s insight of spaces inside.The inside spaces are partitioned by the roof stature, the diverse levels of floor and sort of lights, and are then joined by the circled line of stream.

01,Takumi Ota
The internal court is cut off from the outside environment and demonstrates a mixture of expressions as the light changes. In addition, the stature’s differentiation makes the space significantly more profound and more extensive than it really is.This house will give you the experience of experiencing an assortment of arrangements, such as experiencing orders with the light.It exists as a historic point in the town, yet it additionally has exceedingly secured protection and mixture of spaces inside.

02,Kei Nakajima 03,Kei Nakajima 04,Takumi Ota 05,Kei Nakajima 06,Kei Nakajima 07,Takumi Ota 08, Takumi Ota 09,Takumi Ota 10,Takumi Ota 11,Takumi Ota 12,Takumi Ota 13,Takumi Ota 14,Kei Nakajima 15,Kei Nakajima 16,Takumi Ota 17,Takumi Ota 18,Kei Nakajima 19,Takumi Ota 20,Takumi Ota 21,Takumi Ota 22,Takumi Ota 23,Kei Nakajima 24,Kei Nakajima 25,Takumi Ota 26,Takumi Ota 27,Takumi Ota 29,Takumi Ota PLAN 1 PLAN 2

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