The Yacht by Frédéric Flanquart

The Yacht by Frédéric Flanquart

Location: Paris, France
Area: 915 sqft
Photo courtesy: Ludo Martin, Agence Frédéric Flanquart

Following the creation of the Loft des Innocents, Frédéric Flanquart Interior Architecture and Design have set themselves a new challenge, with the renovation of the Yacht: an 85m2 apartment located on the last floor of a building on the Parisian Grand Boulevards, opened up onto a large passageway, reminiscent of a ship.


The Yacht features a large entrance, providing access to all bedrooms and the living room. This communal area also opens out onto a passageway, in which the kitchen and dining room are located, both benefiting from a fantastic panoramic view. Both the master bedroom and the guest room boast private bathrooms. Positioned on an angle, the entirety of the Yacht bathes in natural light, creating a wide variation of lighting tones throughout the day. The warmth of the Perigord Walnut furniture is therefore enhanced, working in elegant harmony with the oakwood flooring.


Noble and refined materials such as Baccarat Crystal, full-grain leather and Macassar Ebony were used during the renovation of the apartment, creating an elegant and contemporary environment. Chrome steel and Burgundy Stone add a hint of masculinity, whilst the play of soft lighting brings a final touch of calm and serenity to this unique location.

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