Apartamento Trama by Semerene Arquitetura Interior

Apartamento Trama by Semerene Arquitetura Interior

Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Year: 2014
Area: 753 sqft
Photo courtesy: Joana França

The apartment of 70 m² (753.4 ft²), located in a newly built building in a new district of Brasilia, was designed for a young couple.


Originally, the property was distributed into well-defined environments, including living room, kitchen, laundry area, two bedrooms and a toilet in the social area.


The new design should address the residents’ needs for fluid multipurpose spaces and at the same time, should translate into the lifestyle and emotional references of the couple.


Thus, priority was given to free areas, integrated and multi-functional, adaptable to different scenarios of everyday life.


Upon entering the apartment, the barriers between TV room, dining room, kitchen and service area, dissolve from a permeable central layout. The metal frame unfolds in different roles: bookshelf partition, desk, and dinner table. An element that embraces the kitchen island and becomes the heart of the project.


The kitchen and the service area had their functions reduced to the essentials and brought together in one volume arranged linearly. The service area is easily camouflaged and converted into a background panel to the dining room.


The desk acts as a reversible environment through sliding panels, and can open up to the living room to fuse with other environments, or remain closed for more privacy.


We chose neutral and natural materials such as concrete and wood. The central metallic element brings an industrial character, typical of large cities, which contrasts with the vibrant colors present in objects, furniture and walls of the living room. The result is the freshness of an urban beach, so present in the memory of the residents.

Apartamento-Trama-08 Apartamento-Trama-09 Apartamento-Trama-10 Apartamento-Trama-11 Apartamento-Trama-12 Apartamento-Trama-13 Apartamento-Trama-14 Apartamento-Trama-15 Apartamento-Trama-16 Apartamento-Trama-17 Apartamento-Trama-18 Apartamento-Trama-19 Apartamento-Trama-20 Apartamento-Trama-21 Apartamento-Trama-22 Apartamento-Trama-23

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