20 Modern Bedrooms by Roche Bobois

20 Modern Bedrooms by Roche Bobois

Photo courtesy: Roche Bobois

This a selection of 20 beds signed by famous designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Sacha Lakic, Philippe Bouix, Daniel Ezan, Luigi Gorgoni and others for Roche Bobois.

Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-01 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-02 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-03 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-04 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-05 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-06 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-07 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-08 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-09 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-11 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-12 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-13 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-16 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-17 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-18 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-19 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-20 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-21 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-22 Roche-Bobois-Bedrooms-23

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