Crab Creek House by Robert Gurney Architect

Crab Creek House by Robert Gurney Architect

Architects: Robert Gurney Architect
Location: Annapolis, Maryland, USA
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Hoachlander Davis Photography

This house, situated in Annapolis, Maryland, is based on the establishment of a 1960s post and shaft cutting edge house. The establishment was kept with an end goal to hold it’s nearness to Crab Creek, an estuary that bolsters the Chesapeake Bay.


Strict ecological regulations denied growing the prior foot shaped impression or adding noteworthy square footage to the house. The house is sorted out around a straight bar, clad in white stucco.


From this focal spine, extra spaces are verbalized as autonomous volumes, anticipating vertically and clad in either wood or metal siding. The spaces are likewise composed around a swimming pool and perspectives toward Crab Creek. A constant mass of glass and secured yard increases the connection in the middle of inside and outside.


The essential spaces in the house are arranged toward the water perspectives, have high roofs and are light filled.


Materials utilized all through the inside incorporate white oak ground surface and millwork, dark slate, white marble, rusted steel and translucent glass. Extra materials utilized on the outside incorporate field stone, board-shaped solid, bluestone and ground-confronted square.

Crab-Creek-House-01- Crab-Creek-House-01 Crab-Creek-House-03-1 Crab-Creek-House-03 Crab-Creek-House-04 Crab-Creek-House-05 Crab-Creek-House-06 Crab-Creek-House-09 Crab-Creek-House-10 Crab-Creek-House-11 Crab-Creek-House-12 Crab-Creek-House-15 Crab-Creek-House-21 Crab-Creek-House-22 Crab-Creek-House-23 Crab-Creek-House-24 Crab-Creek-House-25

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