Modern Lake Lugano House by JM Architecture

Modern Lake Lugano House by JM Architecture

Architects: JM Architecture
Location: Lake Lugano, Switzerland
Year: 2013
Price: $4.45 million
Photo courtesy: Jacopo Mascheroni

Lying on the slant of a slope, on the shores of Lake Lugano, the manor comprises of two volumes sorted out on diverse levels because of the specific geography of the site. A polygonal formed glass structure with adjusted edges remains over a direct underground piece. The living and lounge area, the kitchen and storage rooms are situated in the structure, while rooms, bathrooms and carport are in the lower level. Every level relates itself with free open air spaces, which are firmly related with the insides.


The glass structure disregards two exceptionally characterized territories: the initially, at the mountain, is an extremely private zone brought about the zone between the property line and the building misfortune line as per the neighborhood construction standard. The second is a patio nursery neglecting the lake. Similarly, the rooms confront a patio nursery encased by the building and the border divider.


The ring, got between the edge divider above and the structure, increases the inside space, with appears to be much bigger than what it really is. The ring-like space, that grasps the expanding on the north side, gifts steady ventilation and normal light to the living zones, likewise because of the white cladding of the edge divider and white rock which mirror the daylight originating from the south.


The flat treatment of the border divider stresses the scenography, making moving shadow impacts as indicated by the distinctive position of the sun in the sky. In the meantime, an evening time simulated light scene is the perfect opposite field for the lake display.


All the extra elements of the structure are contained in a focal lacquered wood square, which goes about as a kind of a thick vulnerable divider that isolates the kitchen from the lounge without separating the space with entryways, and in which are found the powder room, the kitchen, the stairs, bookshelves, every single mechanical framework and the innovative and sound video hardware.


Extraordinary consideration is given to the ecological viewpoints, as the utilization of geothermal vitality, rooftop cultivates, the downpour water gathering framework, the decision of exceedingly productive low-emittance glass protected with argon gas, to advance the warm effectiveness of the shell and the utilization of characteristic sun shading as the position of deciduous trees in the south-west range of the building.


Lake-Lugano-House-01-8 Lake-Lugano-House-01-9 Lake-Lugano-House-01 Lake-Lugano-House-02-0 Lake-Lugano-House-02-1 Lake-Lugano-House-02-2 Lake-Lugano-House-02-3 Lake-Lugano-House-02-4 Lake-Lugano-House-02-5 Lake-Lugano-House-02-6 Lake-Lugano-House-02-7 Lake-Lugano-House-02 Lake-Lugano-House-04-1 Lake-Lugano-House-04 Lake-Lugano-House-05 Lake-Lugano-House-06 Lake-Lugano-House-07 Lake-Lugano-House-22-4 Lake-Lugano-House-22 Lake-Lugano-House-23 Lake-Lugano-House-31 Lake-Lugano-House-32 Lake-Lugano-House-33

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