Choosing the Best Furniture for A Small Apartment Balcony

Choosing the Best Furniture for A Small Apartment Balcony

If you have a tiny balcony and have given up the idea of decorating it, then this is just the right page for you. But, do not lose hope, as the info here will spark that new interest within you for choosing the best furniture for a small apartment balcony. Soon, you will be looking for decorative items, furniture for dining and lounging, or even a small teak dining set!

Here are some tips and ideas to get you started and motivated.

  • Start with the space and the purposes– Based on how much space your small apartment balcony has, you can choose the right furniture and décor ideas. Separating the lounging and dining areas is a good idea if the space allows.
  • Cover the floor– Look for some fantastic flooring ideas to make the balcony look spacious and inviting. Based on your preferences and the budget, you could tile the floor or use artificial grass or a patterned rug or runner.
  • Add a small café table and a chair – You will need a small table and chair to enjoy your morning coffee or your favorite book. If the balcony is too tiny, go for foldable options to make it less crowded.

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  • Built-In seating – As a smart move, you could install a built-in seating or bench seating to stop worrying about the space or knocking on those furniture items. You can use the seating area when desired and still manage to keep the balcony spacious.
  • Floor pillows for added comfort– It is good to invest in some floor pillows as outdoor furniture, especially if you are renting your apartment. In addition, you will need a comfortable rug on the floor and some floor pillows and blankets that can be used to create that cozy environment.
  • Hammock on one side- If the space allows, a hammock on one side looks incredible on a balcony. It looks warm and inviting, and there is no reason why you should not feel as if you are on vacation when out on your patio.
  • Add some privacy – Perhaps your balcony needs to be more secure against the weather and your neighbor’s prying eyes. Go ahead and add some privacy screens and curtains to create a sense of privacy. Then, enjoy your balcony in complete comfort and without any concerns.
  • Put in some shade – Perhaps your balcony faces the sun for most of the day, and that would necessitate the use of some shade to keep it cool and comfortable. For example, use a retractable awning or create an overhead structure made from a sturdy outdoor fabric to protect you from the sun and all-weather conditions.
  • Bring in some greenery – Pick the right plants and planters to add some fresh greenery to the balcony. The idea is to create that feeling of being amidst nature and imagining as if you are in the backyard of your house.
  • Light up the space – Your balcony should ooze warmth day and night, so that you will need adequate lighting. You can install an outdoor pendant or hang some lights from the wall to create plenty of light, especially for late-night hangouts.

Regardless of how big, small, or spacious your apartment balcony is, you can use the above-listed ideas for decoration and buying furniture.


It is highly recommended to think and plan before shopping for furniture for the balcony.  Please make the most of the balcony space and use it to the optimum for your relaxation and entertainment.

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