Beautiful Ideas For Small Apartments

Beautiful Ideas For Small Apartments


Decorating an apartment is one of the best ways to help it feel like a home. Using color, shapes, and textures to show off a bit of your taste and touch is a great way to ensure you enjoy the space. In this article we will discuss about 5 beautiful ideas for small apartments.

Unfortunately, many apartments are lacking in terms of space, which could hold you back from doing the things you want. However, just because you have access to a small space doesn’t mean it has to look like it.

This article is going to go over some beautiful ideas for you to use in your small apartment to help it appear a little larger. Whether you have decided to look at Downtown Dallas Apartments with High Rises & Lofts or apartments in the Atlanta suburbs, these tips can help your place look incredible.

Find Attractive Ways to Add More Space

If your space is limited in your apartment, one of your primary goals will be to add more space. Lacking space can lead to a lot of clutter in the home, so finding any way to gain additional storage or usable space is smart.

This could be anything from kitchen cabinets for small kitchens, to a new dresser to hold your clothes. Another good option is to use storage furniture like an ottoman, storage bed, or storage bench. This will look like any other functional piece of furniture, while also doubling as some extra storage.

While getting more space is important, you want to be sure to do it in a way that looks good at the same time. So be sure to find options that fit with your existing decor or the space you have.

Use Mirrors or Reflective Materials

Another good hint for helping your small apartment space look a little bigger is to use mirrors and reflective materials throughout the space. When you have a mirror in a room, it makes it look much bigger and tricks the mind into thinking there is more space than there is.

They can also reflect light well and stop a smaller room from being too stuffy and dark. In addition to mirrors, using reflective materials throughout the home can achieve the same effect. This can include porcelain, tile and even applying a shiny finish to wood or white walls.

Now, you don’t want a mirror on every wall and reflective surfaces all over the place but done strategically, these ideas can drastically improve how bright and airy rooms can appear.

Utilize Vertical Space Well

Beautiful Ideas For Small Apartments

While your apartment might be lacking space in terms of square footage, there is likely some space available that is going unused in most cases. This is the vertical space along your walls. Other than possibly a bit of art and maybe a shelf or two, most of our walls sit barren and are full of potential.

By adding some shelves, tall bookcases, or hooks, you can use your walls for storing anything from books to your bike, plants, and various other pieces of decor. Of course, you don’t want to fill every wall in your apartment with shelves or hangers. This is because doing so can often make a space look too busy and cramped.

But a few extra places to hang and store things out of the way can go a long way in helping your apartment feel bigger. Also, if you rent your space, be sure to ask your landlord or rental company if it is okay to add hooks and/or shelves to the wall.

Use Color Intelligently

Using color intelligently throughout a small apartment is another great idea. There are even some colors that can make a room seem bigger. This generally includes soft colors, neutral and off-white tones, and in general, a brighter room will look bigger and more inviting than a dark one.

Colors are also great for defining different spaces in an apartment. If you don’t have multiple rooms, using different colors can help each space remain independent. While this is generally best for studio apartments (blue walls can signify the bedroom, while beige can signify living areas, etc…) it is a tactic that can be used in any space to separate areas.

While you still want to decorate your apartment with colors that you enjoy, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind. This not only goes for the wall colors but also things like art, furniture, other decors, and other decors throughout the rooms.

Don’t Forget About the Importance of Lighting

Good lighting can be the difference between a great-looking room and one that is just okay. While it is crucial in all rooms, it is especially important in rooms that are a little on the smaller side. Without adequate lighting, smaller rooms can feel more like dungeons or cellars than a room. A good window or soft ceiling/wall light can completely change how it looks and the vibe it gives off. 

Natural light is always best for helping improve how rooms look, but it isn’t always possible to add a window. Also, layering light can have good benefits when it comes to helping to brighten up space, in a subtle way.

Just because you have a small apartment doesn’t mean it needs to feel that way. These tips will help ensure that your space not only looks a little bigger but also incredible at the same time.

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