Orizon House

Orizon House by Andres Serpa

Location: Playa Grande, Costa Rica
Photos courtesy: Dana Klein

Andres Serpa planned this tropical home in Playa Grande, Costa Rica found just by Las Baulas Marine National Park. This house was imagined to appreciate outside and common habitat. A reasonable home was assembled by taking after conventional development techniques from the surroundings, realizing so as to use neighborhood development materials and the gigantic need to save the nature around. A mix in the middle of cement and wood truly augmented modernity and straightforwardness in a solitary space.


The house’s center are the semi secured space with simple access to pool, in which one can appreciate nature, tropical climate and monkeys cruising by. In this space, common considerations can be overlooked and the human soul is conceded the flexibility to dream. The Orizon house symbolizes mankind and nature coinciding calmly.

Orizon-House-01 Orizon-House-02 Orizon-House-03 Orizon-House-04 Orizon-House-05 Orizon-House-06 Orizon-House-07 Orizon-House-08 Orizon-House-09 Orizon-House-10 Orizon-House-11 Orizon-House-12 Orizon-House-13 Orizon-House-14 Orizon-House-15 Orizon-House-16 Orizon-House-17


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