349 S Mansfield Avenue by Apel Design

349 S Mansfield Avenue by Apel Design

Architects: Apel Design
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Photo courtesy: Apel Design

This perfectly composed home doesn’t inexorably fit into a specific box or name, rather is mirrors a non-accommodating soul that investigates a cutting edge vision – the most antiquated of all capacities: the home. Masterminded in a way that gets the attention uniquely, the pathway to the passage entryway purposely takes guests past the front exterior to uncover its volumes and engineering components before they can ring the chime. From the particularly outlined front entryway, to the gliding waterfall, one can as of now get a feeling that both private and open spaces in the house were treated with equivalent admiration and tender loving care.


Once inside, guests encounter an open and roomy floor arrangement loaded with inexhaustible normal light that enters from the numerous floor-to-roof window openings. In spite of the fact that the space is perused overall and is prevalently white, some differentiating charcoal dim surfaces and changes in composition serve to characterize the diverse territories, while calculated dividers and clean lines s frequently the look. Furthermore, diverse sorts of wood completions work to bring the whole artistic expression of the house together in a way that improves the contemporary feel.


The kitchen takes the research facility feel to a great in which one can envision day by day atomic food occurring. Each room in the house has irregular shapes and geometrical examples, and the passage that unites them obscures into what feels like an outside court with a motivating perspective beneath. Lavatory spaces have been stripped from their standard forecasts and have developed to shapes and clad that fit with the discrete lavish nature of the home.

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