Concrete House by A-cero

Concrete House by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2006
Photos: A-cero

With the mix of outline, quality and usefulness emerges this new A-cero’s work: a place of 1.500m2 characterized by an arrangement of clean lines and flawless volumes. The dark shade of the solid that make up the entire building and an engineering wide dark pergola, there are the components that, at first sight, emerge in the house outside. Moreover, immense windows have been incorporated into the façade with a specific end goal to appreciate of the wonderful encompassing perspectives of the house.


The development has two stories that have been manufactured by slant of the house’s plot. The principal level, where the person on foot access is, has a territory of 653m2. This floor has been dispersed in three ranges: a natural territory (parlor, lounge area, kitchen, office, a family room for the youngsters … ); a private part where are four rooms, with its legitimate showers and changing areas, and an available time and unwinding region that is opened to the outside and the swimming pool toss a wide patio.


In the ground floor there are an exercise center, a wine vault, cleaning rooms and the range for administration and house’s offices.


In the inside spaces, everything is thought until the millimeter. Each divider, detail and corner demonstrates the rich and concentrated on work that A-cero has made. The outside is consolidated to the development inside toss a few porches that make brilliant and happy spaces for living each day. Besides, the white dividers and clear and agreeable adornment diverges from the dim wood the house’s ground.


In the outside the flooding swimming pool of 45m2 emerges. This and yard’s ground are made of rock abujardado, a dim stone. In this outside region you can discover additionally a late spring lounge area and an unwinding region secured by a mobile pergola. It is a delight for fulfilling the solace of the most requesting individuals.


Subsequently, we locate another private A-cero’s work without stylish harshness that welcomes to lived it so much, general on the grounds that its class, modernity and functionality.



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