Studio R by Studio MK27

Studio R by Studio MK27

Architects: Studio MK27
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Photos: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Confronting a little urban square, the Loft Studio opens altogether to the outside. The internal space of this photography studio streams into the side patio nurseries of the building and into the urban space, setting up a spatial progression between the square and the building.

Studio-R-01The façade, an aluminum door is recessed into the solid tying, coordinating the front porch with the square; further, two extensive swinging metal entryways – every more than 11 meters wide – license ease between the greenery enclosures and the open space of the studio.


Opened, these swinging entryways make every single visual boundary in the middle of inward and outer space vanish. Shut, they permit the light in the Photography Studio to be controlled misleadingly. In the opening of the ground floor, there is a crate clad in formica-china, where we have the restroom, changing area and the specialized region. In this space, there is no impedance of the structure, which is incorporated with the side dividers of the building. Behind the green box, the stairs – lit by a bay window – prompts the first floor, where we discover the workplaces and the library.


A volume with metallic material arranges all the space on this floor, isolating the rooms and passages. On this floor there is a kitchen the toilets and the stairs that prompt the top floor. The negative of this volume is the work rooms which can be opened or shut – relying upon the wanted protection – through sliding boards which are incorporated with the focal box. In the primary office a settled mashrabiya board channels the light, while at the same time opening an excellent perspective of the substantial trees in the square. On the top floor, there is a social room situated over the front greenery enclosure. This space opens with collapsing wooden boards, painted red, onto a deck where you can at the end of the day see the tree best: a lovely space for gatherings on sunny days.


The material utilized inside presentations a mechanical tasteful, fitting for the concentrated utilization of a photography Studio that needs to continually change itself, contingent upon the circumstance. The floor of the huge opening is of white gum which additionally turns into the perpetual back and the divider. On alternate floors, the wooden floor warms the encompassing.


Remotely, the metal entryways join the uncovered cement and the distinctive wooden panels.

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