7 Useful Tips for Making Any Home Your Own

7 Useful Tips for Making Any Home Your Own

Have you just moved out? Does it still feel like you are staying on someone else’s property? The following several useful tips for making any home your own will help you without needing to call an interior designer.

Moving house is hard work. Surveys suggest that it is one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your life. It is more stressful than having children, getting married, or getting divorced. But, now that you have decided to do it, there is nothing for it but to beat your way through until you arrive in your new home. The thing is that when you arrive in the new home, you feel that it isn’t yours.

1. Think About a New Build

Buying a new build home means you are moving into a blank canvas. The walls will be neutral, and the floors will be ready. All you must do is move in and start putting your stamp on it. New builds are great because they don’t have the last tenant’s décor or influence. Setting the tone is easy when you have the right start and design inspiration. Start your Pinterest board today for the best results.

2. Unpack a Single Room

Choose one room in your house and decide to unpack it first. Choose the room that is most precious to you. The bedroom is a great starting point for a young couple or single person. Create your space as you like it so that you can be comfortable. Comfort is the keyword here. Create one room you are comfortable in, and the rest will care for itself. Doing this allows you to connect with one space from the end of the moving day. Don’t be surprised if you place that one room and then work your way out from it.

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3. Clean Before You Move In

In one of our earlier articles, we covered the top tips for making your house move smoother. However, one of the points we mentioned is relevant for both articles. If you are moving home and have the move-in date, visiting the new house beforehand is not a bad idea. Go around there with some washing up liquid and a cloth and go to town on the dust and dirt. It will eliminate that feeling of moving into someone else’s space.

4. Photos and Plants

So, you just moved in, the moving truck is driving away, and you are left in a new house that doesn’t feel like your home yet. Unpack your photos and your plants if you are a plant person. Familiar faces go a long way to making a house feel like a home. It is where you keep your precious family items. Nothing says cherished family more than their smiling faces above the new fireplace. It will be a welcoming sight after a long day.

5. Bare Windows

Nothing alienates you faster than the bare windows of a new house. OK, so you don’t have time to rig up a new set of matching blinds yet, but you can put up the curtains before you start unpacking everything else. Curtains do more to make a house into a home than you might think. You could even order your new blinds before you move in.

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6. Textures are Your Best Friend

Soft furnishings are what separates home from a place of business. If you imagine a waiting room, you imagine that neutral color scheme coupled with a lack of soft furnishings. So if you want your new home to feel like it belongs to you, get out the quilts, hang up your shower curtain, and make your bed comfortable and inviting.

7. Ultimate Friend

There is one surefire way to turn your new house into your own home. If you don’t already have a best friend that lives with you, it’s time you bought a pet. Of course, fluffy ones are the preferred purchase, but a lizard, an aquarium, or a bird all have their charms.

We hope that this useful tips for making any home your own will help you through this uncomfortable stage as quickly as possible. Follow our advice and you could settle in within days, not weeks.

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