Villa Sow in Dakar by SAOTA

Villa Sow in Dakar by SAOTA

Architects: SAOTA
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Year: 2011
Photos: SAOTA

The ground floor of the house is intended to encourage advantageous amusement both indoor s and outside and is outfitted to appreciate all encompassing perspectives of the Atlantic Ocean, and the pool porch territory.

Dakar-Sow-House-02-1With enunciated patios, giving every room a liberated perspective of the , it’s no big surprise that the principle reference purpose of the house is the lobby from the study range to the kitchen, with all rooms stretching out from it. The introduction of the rooms in the house is all taking into account the best sea sees.


The study/office sits in a different piece joined to the principle house by a passage. Under the study/office sits a different completely contained visitor room, sitting on the very edge of the precipice, close by which sits a private exercise center and reflecting lake. The principle house has a parlor with a twofold volume space, a top of the extent kitchen, grill porch and pool patio, and also a gaming/family room.


A principle highlight in the house is the winding staircase, clad in stainless steel, and the treads made of white stone. To add to the glory of this structural component, there are 20mm in measurement stainless steel poles running from the first floor handrail to the lower ground floor, hence making the stairwell resemble a sculptural steel tube.


The main floor houses the kids and main room. Clerestories and aluminum screens, cajole brightening close by the deliberately surrounded north eastern perspectives. A bay window over the stairwell and floor to roof coating in the parlors add to the feeling of straightforwardness. The expert suite opens up into a patio with perspectives of the sea in the south western bearing, and a private greenery enclosure with an outside shower in the north eastern course. The outcome is a blade and refined chain of command of spaces, every room arranged to exploit indoor-outside living.

Dakar-Sow-House-01 Dakar-Sow-House-02-2 Dakar-Sow-House-02-3 Dakar-Sow-House-02 Dakar-Sow-House-03 Dakar-Sow-House-04 Dakar-Sow-House-05 Dakar-Sow-House-06 Dakar-Sow-House-07 Dakar-Sow-House-08 Dakar-Sow-House-10 Dakar-Sow-House-11 Dakar-Sow-House-20 Dakar-Sow-House-21 Dakar-Sow-House-22 Dakar-Sow-House-24 Dakar-Sow-House-25 Dakar-Sow-House-26 Dakar-Sow-House-27 Dakar-Sow-House-28 Dakar-Sow-House-29

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