House BB by María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk

House BB by María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk

Architects: María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk
Location: Mar Azul, partido de Villa Gesell, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 114 sqm
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

The ground of 20m x 30m situated in the timberland of Mar Azul has the distinction of an imperative unevenness admiration of the two avenues it faces. While this muddles the determination of access to the site gives the point of preference that, if the house is found high, it is next to no presented to the look from the road, furthermore from within you can get perspectives of the scene over the neighbor structures. This distinction in level is pretty much smooth to the parcel’s back, yet it is sharp towards the inverse front and here the woods is likewise diminished.

07The commissionThe customer’s request was a three-room house that did not surpass 120m2, intended to be utilized as a part of summer as well as on a few events consistently. Specifically was pointed out the requirement for a liberally measured principle room, which ought to have a private lavatory and a sure autonomy from whatever is left of the house. The other two rooms could share a shower and have an insignificant surface, to give the social range however much space as could reasonably be expected.

02The kitchen (a vital space for the customer) ought to be completely incorporated into this zone and was particularly highlighted the requirement for liberal outside developments. It likewise required a store for putting away of distinctive components for shoreline sports.

05With respect to formal necessities, while asked for a solid house, i.e. tasteful and productive proposition like alternate houses manufactured by the studio in Mar Azul, this commission offered consent to attempt any rich that portray the experience.

12The propositionOn the customer’s authorization communicated in the expression “you may hazard proposing a variation of the manufactured houses,” and in the part’s distinction and the required project, lay the uniqueness of this house.21The rich for formal variations was difficult since it doesn’t include change of innovation, nor origination of spatiality (that stay more than clear in the first talks) however it expected to make some sort of new commitment without surrendering those premises. The proposition could have been trying with new compositions of solid, even with the expansion of shades, yet every one of these methods seemed to negate our stance rather grave and non aestheticist of architecture.The arrangement dropped by chance when we see that during the time spent delivering works of uncovered solid, there is a vital staying of wooden boards used to make the formwork. It appeared to be then intriguing, furthermore helpful keeping in mind the end goal to exploit each asset accessible, to reuse these tables in the execution of some wooden dividers. This is the way we began to think the undertaking from supplanting some outside and inside solid dividers with allotments of tables and wooden structure.

22In connection to the volume, the house was determined as two crystals at diverse statures and opposite to one another, united by a stepping stool that spares the distinction, and situated between pine trees in the most astounding part of the parcel. In the volume parallel to the slant’s bearing, with one side somewhat covered and the other in circumstance of gallery, are put the social event exercises of the family aggregate in addition to the two little rooms. The volume opposite to the incline appreciates nearness with the foliage of pine trees that ascent starting from the earliest stage there is set the primary room with restroom and patio.

24The practical association

Utilizing a stepping stool covered up as a part of the hill’s normal slant, the volume is gotten to through a primary patio that creates along the longest side, so that by opening the sliding carpentry, full combination is accomplished in the middle of inside and outside. In this lodging area, the bundle shaped by the family unit and shared restroom isolates the social zone from the two little “room lodge” and denote the start of the delicate diving stairway prompting the fundamental room in a tranquil circumstance. From this room are exhibited sees in high, screened by dividers of cement and the pines foliage, from the woods encompassing the house. It is additionally conceivable to go outside through a little patio that, alongside the stairs, interfaces the two volumes which shape the house. Under the primary room is found the water tank with access from one of the lanes.

25The open air exercises were postured taking after the standard of “diffuse on the ground” so that their effect is as little as could be expected under the circumstances: in this way was proposed a flame broil and a solid table and seats at the highest point of the parcel with perspectives of the earth and, in the lower zone, shower offices in the way of sculptural item.

26The development

The house is developed with three fundamental materials: uncovered solid, glass and pine wood tables and shafts. The outside dividers made ​​from this material were ensured with blazed oil. This appeared the most proper completion to encourage upkeep of the pinewood and to orchestrate with the timberland’s shades.

IMG_1461The sections of the diverse parcels and volumes are bolstered utilizing solid shafts and are done with a base incline to deliver a speedier spillover of water. H21 cement was utilized with the expansion of a fluidifiant so that this blend, with little measure of water to solidify, comes about exceptionally minimal and does not require ling. The couple of inside dividers of empty blocks are done in solid screed; floor materials are additionally from solid screed partitioned with aluminum plates. The openings are of dim bronze anodized aluminum. The warming framework, since there is no normal gas in the zone, was understood with a framework that consolidates a chimney, packaged gas stoves and electric stoves.

IMG_1463The furniture

But the beds, sofas and seats, whatever remains of the gear of this house is solved in concrete.

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