XV house by RS+ Robert Skitek

XV house by RS+ Robert Skitek

Architects: RS+ Robert Skitek
Location: Cracow, Poland
Year: 2011
Area: 5,110 sqft
Photos: Tomasz Zakrzewski

The building is situated close to the old town of Cracow, in the quiet area of withdrew houses, on the slope with excellent perspective of Wawel and the mountains. The financial specialist’s thought was that the house ought to be as high as could reasonably be expected in view of the lovely view, and safeguard spatial relations between all floors with the biggest as would be prudent opening of the space.

XV-House-06The building stands on the most noteworthy purpose of the road – recognized by Its cubic frame and smooth white heights, it is the predominant finish of the encompassing construction modeling. The moving pieces are expected to diminish the moderately expansive optical cubature, whilst likewise mirroring the useful zones inside of the house.


A multipurpose space with lovely perspectives is situated on the top floor, and the lower floor contains separate resting ranges for kids and folks. The principle living region with the cupboard is on the ground floor, lastly the carport, the specialized and the visitor rooms are arranged in the storm cellar.


Just underneath the surface of the little garden is a swimming pool, sunlit from above. All floors are connected spatially, so that from all spots there is simple contact with family individuals in diverse parts of the building. Indeed, even the private lavatory – a glass 3D shape suspended in open space – considers knowledge into different rooms, if the blinds are moved up.


The inside is outlined in a moderate, frosty style, with differentiating warm points of interest in wood and stone. The cantilever stairs depend on the strengthened solid bar, which with twofold column makes the particular xv sign.


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