Silverhurst Residence by SAOTA and ARRCC

Silverhurst Residence by SAOTA and ARRCC

Architects: SAOTA and ARRCC
Location: Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa
Photos:  Wieland Gleich, SAOTA

Striking Architects arranged the beginning idea plan for this home, a contemporary reboot of the more traditional engineering styles. SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects and ARRCC were then selected to refine and add to the outline and regulate the venture to culmination.

Silverhurst-Residence-02The exterior is Georgian motivated however the present day part of the look is driven by an element of recessed and anticipating boards and 3D squares that make patios and porches that expressive and add enthusiasm to what is a very composed shell. The insides, by ARRCC , are just as etched.


Going into the house, a vast light-filled passage corridor separates the two ground-floor wings which comprise of a progression of living spaces that open out to a private yard and the exceptionally restless Franchesca Watson finished garden past.


For the configuration ethic inside of the house, ultra-smooth completions and a cutting edge home-tech edge were picked. Stripped back roofs with recessed subtle elements cunningly conceal drape tracks and go about as a system through which wooden component dividers can vanish beyond anyone’s ability to see, loaning every room a perfect fresh wrap up. Bunches of directional spotlights were chosen to include vibe and quietly highlight engineering subtleties, for example, the coasting stairs.


Regular materials were utilized to include warmth and surface all through. Jerusalem stone ground surface stretches out from the principle passage through a large portion of the inner and outer spaces offering approach to raged oak floors in the living and feasting ranges, and in addition American cedar for the entryways and pergolas and Ipe for the pool decking.


This regular yet uncluttered direct dialect was helped through to the stylistic layout by Mark Rielly of ARRCC who selected strong timber pieces. Cowhide and softened cowhide were decided for the upholstery. Highlight lights are likewise deliberately put to add dramatization and definition to distinctive spaces. The beneficial interaction between the stylistic layout and construction modeling is such that the general impression is that of a clean however painstakingly considered plan that mitigates with its top of the line cutting edge appeal.

Silverhurst-Residence-06 Silverhurst-Residence-07 Silverhurst-Residence-08 Silverhurst-Residence-09 Silverhurst-Residence-10 Silverhurst-Residence-11 Silverhurst-Residence-12 Silverhurst-Residence-13 Silverhurst-Residence-14 Silverhurst-Residence-21 Silverhurst-Residence-22 Silverhurst-Residence-23

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