Otter Cove Residence by Sagan Piechota Architecture

Otter Cove Residence by Sagan Piechota Architecture

Architects: Sagan Piechota Architecture
Location: Carmel, California, USA
Year: 2008
Photos: Joe Fletcher

Roosted on a rough outcrop disregarding the sea, this Carmel living arrangement endeavors to show up as a characteristic augmentation of the scene while determining contending private and open concerns.


A dialect of liquid lines was embraced to react to the limit states of the site. The s-bend in the western wing of the arrangement expanded the powerful view potential while situating rooms as indicated by their requirements for security, the oceanfront rooms arranging far from open spaces.


The expansive range of the house was camouflaged by part the house into two wings — recessing the house into the site and finding about portion of the space in part underground. The arrangement split made a yard, the eastern wing giving protection from Highway One and the western wing buffering the sea wind.


Auxiliary spaces are situated on the lower floor and acquire light from above through three staircases. These spaces give reprieve from the all encompassing dramatization on the upper floor.


Rooftops are outwardly pulled separated from the dividers making the influence of softness and lift. This lift bears long level perspectives to the slopes east without yielding protection. It likewise adjusts light minimizing glare off the sea, while making open doors for high operable windows empowering cross ventilation.


Dividers are found just where totally essential for security or structure and regarded as solid components. Stone cladding prevails, establishing the house in the site and outwardly uniting with the rocky cove.

Otter-Cove-Residence-04 Otter-Cove-Residence-05 Otter-Cove-Residence-06 Otter-Cove-Residence-07 Otter-Cove-Residence-08 Otter-Cove-Residence-09 Otter-Cove-Residence-10 Otter-Cove-Residence-11 Otter-Cove-Residence-12 Otter-Cove-Residence-13 Otter-Cove-Residence-21 Otter-Cove-Residence-22 Otter-Cove-Residence-23

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