Garay House by Swatt Miers Architects

Garay House by Swatt Miers Architects

Architects: Swatt Miers Architects
Location: Tiburon, California, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 3,200 sqft
Photos: Russell Abraham

The proprietors had lived in Tiburon, California for a long time, longing for one day changing their low, one-story home into a setting befitting their stupendous site roosted above San Francisco Bay. Their fantasies started to be acknowledged in 2005 with the outline of a 2000 square-foot expansion, combined with the complete redesign of their current 3,200 square-foot house.

garay-13The site is a half-section of land south-bound slope bundle, with unhampered perspectives of San Francisco Bay toward the south, east and west. Reacting to the physical states of the site, the new house is altogether murky on the north side where another passageway engine court is characterized by a beat of five ‘unattached’ stone-clad dividers. Bits of glass separate the stone boards, making an in number beat while giving little insight of the exceptional spaces and perspectives on the other side.


The movement of space starts with a low, packed passage, prompting a higher course spine. Showered in light from clerestory windows and sky facing windows, the spine neglects the new living, eating and kitchen ‘structure’, and new south-bound patios, with world-class perspectives of San Francisco Bay past. Frameless coating, taking glass entryways, and emotional cantilevered rooftop augmentations mlessly join inside space to outside space, obscuring the limit between two.


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