Luxurious shelter in an open-air resort on an idyllic Brentwood cul-de-sac conceived by Marmol Radziner

Luxurious shelter in an open-air resort on an idyllic Brentwood cul-de-sac conceived by Marmol Radziner

Architects: Marmol Radziner
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2016
Area: 4.775 ft²/ 444 m²
Price: $6.5 million
Photo courtesy: Sean Garrison & Jason Speth

“Sited on an idyllic Brentwood cul-de-sac, this newly constructed California Modern splendor was beautifully conceived by Marmol Radziner to blend effortlessly into the hillside topography by way of native materials and flawless design. It is an unrepeatable form born from the landscape and guided by a vision of connecting its inhabitants with the outdoors and each other.


Evocative of a luxurious shelter in an open-air resort, the entrance to the home sets a serene tone with its landscaped courtyard enclosed by a board-formed concrete wall. Just beyond the entrance is the central great room, the true prize of this secluded enclave. Framed by full height single-pane sliding glass doors, the space connects the lush greenery of the front courtyard with panoramic views of an abundant backyard, creating a seamless space so open one barely notices the polished concrete below nor the ceilings towering 11 feet above. While flooded with light, the great room, adjacent well-appointed kitchen, and backyard terrace flow together while enjoying complete privacy by the entry wall.


Step through to the peaceful backyard set amidst a soft grass lawn, a generous pool and spa, outdoor fireplace, kitchen and TV. Western Red Cedar siding on the exterior of the home delightfully contrasts the blonde natural tones of its interior and speaks to the nuances of dark hues in the surrounding natural landscape, comprised of succulents, native trees and a medley of drought-proof greenery.


Light-filled interiors are complimented by White Oak cabinetry and Quartzite countertops. A bounty of built-in cabinetry throughout the home unifies the architecture and eliminates the need to dilute architectural composition with added space-saving solutions. The ground floor also features a separate caterer’s kitchen, wine room, and guest suite with its own private side entrance.


Ascending to the second floor, one is met with a semi-private transitional lounge space—an intimate setting for relaxation and respite. Each of the four upstairs bedrooms features floor-to-ceiling windows, with the grand master suite commanding the backyard below. White Oak floors with a light stain of warm gray further the fresh coastal California vibe of the home.


Equipped with a full lighting control system and motorized window shades that are quietly housed in the ceiling, this architectural masterpiece is poised for effortless luxury living.”

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