Torre Velasca Loft by Lissoni Associati

Torre Velasca Loft by Lissoni Associati

Architects: Lissoni Associati
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Santi Caleca

Somewhere else of extraordinary magnificence demonstrates the centrality of the Torre Velasca inside of the social existence of Milan, together with the urban elements of the square at its foot outfitting with Living Divani’s open air accumulation, and the Temporary Store of the brand at the ground floor.


The undertaking of Opening Velasca comes full circle in the equipping of the Tower’s top floor, where Piero Lissoni, at the end of the day together with driving Italian outline organizations, has made a space for selective occasions where to explore the idea configuration driving the private requalification of the tower.


The space is outfitted with numerous recommendations from Living Divani gathering, for the sake of the downplayed extravagance, carefulness, lack of bias of type of the brand.


At the passage Inari console by fog o makes a refined composition territory; the twofold tallness lounge area is customized by the freshness of the traditional Maja D rockers secured in fabric by Piero Lissoni.


On the upper floor, the first room pulls in for the expectation of Rod easy chairs by Piero Lissoni, Strato end table by Victor Carrasco with molded shape wooden finish and Off Cut cabinet by Nathan Yong, composed by gathering interlocking strips of strong wood.


A thorough style portrays rather the room with the consoling shapes and the square lines of Marquise easy chairs by Piero Lissoni, the particular subtle elements of the Track seat and Anin stools by David Lopez Quincoces, laid on the Wired floor covering hand-hitched in Nepal’s, fitting in with the Carpet Collection planned by Harry and Camila, and the aggregate – dark Inari work area by fog o.


One can value the special perspective from the highest point of the tower and experience the sentiment living in one of the selective condo of this symbol of present day structural engineering in the porch, excited by the brilliant and bright states of the Frog easy chairs and the basic and refined Jelly round foot stools, at the end of the day planned by Piero Lissoni.


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